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If you’ve been reading “View in the Dark”for a while, you have no doubt deduced that I am a huge fan of Washington’s Arena Stage, and have been so since the late 1950’s.  Back then it was called the Old … Continue reading

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Arena Stage’s CAMP DAVID

Compromise!  That’s a big word these days.  President Obama came into office on the promise of compromise, which I always thought was a good word, until the opposing party transformed it into something akin to appeasement, as “nefariously practiced by … Continue reading


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Just in case anyone might want to run up to the Arena Stage in Washington to see The Velocity of Autumn,  I want to talk briefly about it.  It has only four more days to go, closing next Sunday.   Being … Continue reading

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Last week, as we approached the tenth anniversary of the beginning of the Iraq War, my wife and I drove up to Washington to a noon performance of Metamorphoses, Mary Zimmerman’s watery interpretation of Ovid’s Greek and Roman myths.  Way … Continue reading

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Another New York Theatre Binge Underway!

Friday, January 18, 2013 All right.  All right!  So my last post, presumably after swearing that I would become a more regular poster, was September 23?  My apologies!  I know, my friend Carol said I should stop apologizing.  But really, … Continue reading

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