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If you’ve been reading “View in the Dark”for a while, you have no doubt deduced that I am a huge fan of Washington’s Arena Stage, and have been so since the late 1950’s.  Back then it was called the Old … Continue reading

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                                                                   I’M BACK! Enough is enough! Sitting around the … Continue reading

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I’m the Broadway type, and I love to see talented kids on stage. So in December, finally in the mood for some mindless escapism, armed with earplugs and spurred on by some attractive discount offers, I went!. As predicted by everyone but me, I loved it! Turns out, it’s not mindless at all, as it makes a very cogent case for music education in our schools and communities. And it’s loads of fun. Continue reading

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BACK TO NEW YORK: On THE FRONT PAGE, by Ben Hecht and Charles MacArthur

During the past year I’ve enjoyed two overnight hospital stays, my first since my tonsils were removed years ago.  The shoulder and knee replacements were successful and relatively painless, but they were immobilizing enough to preclude major travels.   When I … Continue reading

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A BREAK FOR A PLUG: The Comedy of Errors

A Hearty WELCOME to a bunch of new readers, and my humble apologies to my regular followers for my long delay in entries.  This next batch of blogs describing recent New York theatrical ventures has been a long time coming. Since … Continue reading

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THE KING AND I: An Addendum both Personal and Historical

Readers looking for specific responses to the recent Lincoln Center production of The King and I would do well to read my August 29 posting below.  But I guess I’m not through with this play yet.  And clearly, I’m  not … Continue reading

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Lincoln Center’s Production of THE KING AND I

Last spring, after a long and mostly boring recovery from a January knee replacement, off I went on my customary biannual theatre binge in New York. I was eager to find plays that would be challenging, leave me excited, thinking, … Continue reading

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