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Walking the High Line

A small diversion now from the theatrical stage to another kind of theatre.  We’ve made a remarkable discovery, now destined to head our personal list of top New York attractions.  It’s “The High Line,” a mile-long park built on top … Continue reading

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Musings on John Logan’s play “Red,”

Great news for anyone in the Greater Washington area (I’m including Charlottesville):  Arena Stage in DC is extending the run of John Logan’s play Red until March 11.  It’s a dynamic little two-character piece of theatre about what’s near and … Continue reading

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On “Contagion”

I read a lot of film and play reviews, and I have to wonder what some critics are really about.   Have we seen the same movie?  In the name of objectivity, do some of them simply refuse to be swayed … Continue reading

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Back to New York

May 6, 2011:  Arrived in the city yesterday afternoon to the beat of a drum … well, actually, no drums!  The magnificent rhythmic percussion was coming from an old fry-pan, three used PVC cement-mixing buckets of various sizes, a torn … Continue reading

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Today is my father’s 120th birthday.  Happy birthday, Dad.  I miss you!  Howard Fanning Rough was born on Jan. 31, 1891, in the frontier town of St. Joseph, MO.  He died in 1969, of a stroke and heart failure, the … Continue reading

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On “The Tourist,” independent movies, & “The Black Swan”

I made myself a lot of promises when I started writing this blog a month or so ago.  And one of them was to offer some thoughts about a crop of recently released movies, most of which I saw when … Continue reading

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More on Binges in the Dark

Most of us go to plays and movies and concert halls on an occasional basis.  Sensible theatre-goers, even if they are terribly enthusiastic, might make a play a week, and a really eager movie-goer might take in two a week … Continue reading

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