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  Be patient. It takes a while to tell this story.* I have directed Arthur Miller’s The Crucible twice, and I’ve recently been eager to direct it again. You don’t always get what you want, but a guy can dream. … Continue reading

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LONDON 2: Music, Music, Music

Here we are again, now sitting in another departure Lounge, this one at Heathrow. Almost two weeks ago it was Dulles, with much to look forward to.    Seems like yesterday … also a year ago.  Tired and eager to get … Continue reading

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LONDON 1: Welcome Back

Many years ago, Joan and I were living in northern Vermont, and I was in the early stages of my theatre binge trips to New York.   Friends and early pre-internet research persuaded me there might actually be a cheaper way … Continue reading

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Side Tracking: Mom, the U.S.S. Intrepid, and the Freedom Tower,

      Here’s a REAL side line.  I just found this blog post among my drafts, originally written on April 13, 2012:  a year and a half ago.  I must have left it in draft form and forgotten to actually … Continue reading

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Back to the Shaw Festival

Tuesday, Sep. 4, 2012 Two years ago, in an effort to recover quickly from a move into a new house in town, Joan and I made a jaunt up to Ontario to see some fine theatre:  In Stratford, The Tempest, … Continue reading

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GORE LOUIS VIDAL October 23, 1925 – July 31, 2012  Time out to add my two cents to the hullabaloo surrounding the life of Gore Vidal, playwright, screenwriter, activist, politician, iconoclast, and generally caring human being.  Many respected and admired … Continue reading

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Mama I Want to Sing: The Next Generation

Sometime last year I was settled into my habitual low-key Sunday evening in front of 60 Minutes, when Leslie Stahl introduced me to Vy Higgenson, the founder and director of The Mama Foundation for the Arts.  There followed one of … Continue reading

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Walking the High Line

A small diversion now from the theatrical stage to another kind of theatre.  We’ve made a remarkable discovery, now destined to head our personal list of top New York attractions.  It’s “The High Line,” a mile-long park built on top … Continue reading

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Musings on John Logan’s play “Red,”

Great news for anyone in the Greater Washington area (I’m including Charlottesville):  Arena Stage in DC is extending the run of John Logan’s play Red until March 11.  It’s a dynamic little two-character piece of theatre about what’s near and … Continue reading

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On “Contagion”

I read a lot of film and play reviews, and I have to wonder what some critics are really about.   Have we seen the same movie?  In the name of objectivity, do some of them simply refuse to be swayed … Continue reading

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