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The Intouchables (film)

Okay, so I lied.  I promise to get back to Ragtime and the Shaw Festival tomorrow, but time out for a quick aside.  I haven’t been discussing movies much of late in these posts, but interested readers are urged to … Continue reading

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On “The Deep Blue Sea” (2011)

English playwright Terrence Rattigan wrote a reasonably intense period piece about obsessive love back in 1952, when the residue of WWII was still fresh in everyone’s minds.  Its female protagonist was widely recognized at the time as one of the great contemporary … Continue reading

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On “We Have a Pope” (Habemus Papem)

We did manage to get up to the Lincoln Plaza Cinema Wednesday morning to squeeze in We Have a Pope.  The story of a newly elected pontiff  having a crisis of conscience and running around Rome trying to find the … Continue reading

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HUGO: A Correction on yesterday’s Post

It’s just been pointed out to me that the version of HUGO now screening at the Seminole Cinema is in fact in the originally intended 3-D.  My apologies for the error, and kudos to the Seminole for bringing it back. … Continue reading

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PINA and A SEPARATION in Charlottesville

Can’t resist the news for local followers that Pina has opened in Charlottesville in our trustworthy old standby, the Vinegar Hill Theatre.   It’s there only until next Thursday, when it will be replaced by A Separation.  Both are Academy … Continue reading

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On “Pina”

I’ve saved for the last posting of films seen on my recent New York binge trip, far and away the best: Pina. With a primary focus on stage plays for most of my life, I’d had little appreciation for or … Continue reading

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On “Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy”

Let’s face it: Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy presents a major test of vigilance and intellect.  It’s not one you can nap in.  There appears to be no footage that doesn’t contain some vital clue.  At least I for one found … Continue reading

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On “Hugo” in 3-D and “A Separation”

There’s nothing at all in common between these two films, other than that I saw them on the same day on my recent New York binge.  They are both superb, and worthy of hunting down or renting. Hugo in 3-D … Continue reading

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On “Breaking Dawn,” “Haywire,” and “Shame”

Time to talk about some movies recently “viewed in the dark.”  I’ll go in order of the ridiculous to the sublime, which will appear reading downwards in postings of course as the sublime to the ridiculous. Okay, so I pigged … Continue reading

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“War Horse” revisited

You might want to take a look at  the May 9 posting in this blog to get a feel for my first response to War Horse, the live National Theatre production still playing at Lincoln Center. — Not bad for … Continue reading

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