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On “Tribes”

This will be my last entry for last week’s adventures in New York theatre.  Each of the six entries beginning on January 18, is somewhat independent,  although each does build to some degree on the one before.  So if anyone … Continue reading

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On Musicals: “Avenue Q” and “Once”

I was so delighted to find so much old-fashioned good straight drama to choose from for this trip, that I was tempted to ignore musicals altogether.  I’ve often told myself that I prefer the heavy stuff, usually because it’s been … Continue reading

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On BAM’s “The Suit” and Peter Brook

Monday, January 21, 2013 Getting out to BAM, the Brooklyn Academy of Music,  always feels like a risky adventure for me, usually a confirmed Manhattanite.  Every time I go to New York, though, I’ll check to see what’s playing, because … Continue reading

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On Revivals: “Golden Boy” and “The Heiress”

Sunday, Jan 20, 2013.  That was a quick five days.  Headed home on the train already, and as usual, more than ready for it.  But what a week!  It’s true that Broadway theater has of necessity sold out to the … Continue reading

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On “The Other Place”

Saturday, January 19, 2013 This week has been a dynamic adventure in theatre-going, stimulating thinking, and emotional evoking.  I haven’t yet hit a loser in the bunch.   I’m used to taking more chances with unknown new plays, so not to … Continue reading

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Another New York Theatre Binge Underway!

Friday, January 18, 2013 All right.  All right!  So my last post, presumably after swearing that I would become a more regular poster, was September 23?  My apologies!  I know, my friend Carol said I should stop apologizing.  But really, … Continue reading

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