PINA and A SEPARATION in Charlottesville

Can’t resist the news for local followers that Pina has opened in Charlottesville in our trustworthy old standby, the Vinegar Hill Theatre.   It’s there only until next Thursday, when it will be replaced by A Separation.  Both are Academy Award nominees, and I saw them both on my January New York binge, figuring of course that they’d never come to li’l ol’ Charlottesville.  I do it every time.  At any rate, neither of them is to be missed, for very different reasons.  Check out my earlier posts for more info.  I also note that Hugo is coming to Xfinity (Comcast cable) next month, and is even available in 3-D, should you be so equipped.  It’s still playing in town and well worth seeing even in 2-D, but it and Pina were the first 3-D films I’d ever seen where I came away saying “So that’s where film is going!”  It’s a shame the local theatre didn’t retain the 3-D version of Hugo.  Maybe they’ll bring it back after Sunday’s ceremonies.

I look at these three films, and Tinker Tailor… and of course The Artist, which everyone says will garner the Best Picture Award on Sunday.  I hope it does.  It’s a magnificent experience.  And I think, how strange:  They may all be deservedly heaped upon with Awards, and the great American Public will still ignore them in favor of being wowed by soap opera stars, transformers, great fighting machines, blood and thunder, super heroes, etc.

I’ll end with a plea to the big time producers out there:  Please don’t forget that there are indeed grown-ups among your vast potential audiences.  We may enjoy and even need some downright escapism and pretension bubbles in our modern angst-riddden world, but we truly value and can use really good movies about real people that widen our horizons and soften our hearts.  With a little more encouragement, you’ll make them and we’ll find them.  And thank you, Vinegar Hill, for recognizing that … most of the time.

So if you’re having an internal debate as to what to see tonight, or next week, be nice to yourself.  Don’t miss these if you can help it.  And spread the word.  Ever dollar spent on seeing a good film is good for all of us.

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