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Today is my father’s 120th birthday.  Happy birthday, Dad.  I miss you!  Howard Fanning Rough was born on Jan. 31, 1891, in the frontier town of St. Joseph, MO.  He died in 1969, of a stroke and heart failure, the … Continue reading

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Weighing in on the Academy Awards Nominees

I am generally not a fan of the Academy Awards.  I rarely stay up late enough to watch them all.  I’ll confess that right up front.  The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, which awards the “Oscars,” is essentially … Continue reading

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On “Let Me Down Easy” @ Arena Stage

I’m not ordinarily one to enjoy the new fad in one-man or one-woman “plays.”  On the commercial stage, they are largely either ego-driven or  economically-driven.  You can feel good about yourself, pack in an audience, and you don’t have to pay a … Continue reading

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On “Black Watch”

I saw in the Washington Post yesterday that Black Watch is back, even though a few years ago they had completed umpteen “final performances ever!”   In its current version, written by Gregory Burke and directed by John Tiffany, it’s beginning … Continue reading

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On “The Company Men”

The Company Men is one of the gutsiest little films to come out of Hollywood in the last year.  It opened again on Friday in limited release (but, alas, not yet in Charlottesville — maybe next week?).  I say again, … Continue reading

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AWARD MATERIAL: “The Kings Speech,” “The Fighter”, and “True Grit”

Ain’t it grand when they do it right?  I just don’t know why they have to limit us to intelligent, well-crafted movies for one short period every year.  And the rest of the time they assume we’re perfectly happy to … Continue reading

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On “The Tourist,” independent movies, & “The Black Swan”

I made myself a lot of promises when I started writing this blog a month or so ago.  And one of them was to offer some thoughts about a crop of recently released movies, most of which I saw when … Continue reading

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On Tuscon

Oh come on, Sarah (and Glen and camp)!  Yes, of course we all recognize that the responsibility for the murders in Arizona rests with a madman.  No one should be saying you pulled the trigger on this one.  But you … Continue reading

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On “The Big Apple Circus” and “The Vienna Boys Choir”

I don’t anticipate that I will write here exclusively about theatre, film and other performances while away in New York.  I do want to at least touch on two “non-theatre” events from my December trip before I move on.   I … Continue reading

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